Car Dealer Review Monitoring Service

When customers purchase a new car, they may post a review of their experience on websites such as or Google +.

These reviews usually contain opinions on the price of the car, the friendliness of the dealer and the overall customer experience. Good reviews are like a form of free advertising. Potential customers may view the good review and decide to purchase a car from that dealership. Bad reviews, however, can send these potential shoppers to another dealership. Dealership owners and managers can now instantly find out what people are saying about their business with the car dealer review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking.

Automotive Review Monitoring Service

Review monitoring is the process of gathering online reviews and collecting them into one place so that they can by analyzed and studied. This analysis can create a very accurate depiction of the online reputation of a business.

If all of these views were gathered one at a time by a dealership manager, it would take a huge amount of time. The review monitoring software from Top Review Tracking performs this task quickly and automatically. Car dealers can simply login to their account and view all of the reviews at their convenience.

Advantages of Online Review Tracking

It’s easy to see the importance of reading online reviews. They can be used to attract new customers and make things right with unhappy customers. Of course, these actions can only take place once all of the reviews have been collected for analysis. That’s where Top Review Tracking comes in. Our car dealer review monitoring service offers:

Up-to-date review information. Never miss a review again. Our review monitoring service finds all existing reviews and then collects new ones as they appear. New reviews will trigger an automatic email update and the user dashboard is updated daily.

Fast and efficient review collection. Finding reviews by clicking through multiple websites is frustrating and time-consuming. The review tracking software does all of the work in a fraction of the time so car dealers can keep their focus where it counts: on their customers.

Accurate insights into online reputation management. All of the reviews can be sorted and important information about the review locations is displayed in the dashboard. In just a few minutes, car dealers can listen in to what their customers are saying about them online.

Buttom 02For more information or to try out the car dealer review monitoring service, contact Top Review Tracking.