Orthodontist Review Monitoring Service

Online reviews posted by orthodontist patients are like mini-interviews. They can reveal what patients think about the level of care that they receive from their appointments.

This kind of feedback is very important in the healthcare field. Finding all of these reviews individually would take a huge amount of time. Top Review Tracking recognizes that orthodontists are very busy and so the orthodontist review monitoring service was created to help medical professionals protect their reputations.

Orthodontist Review Monitoring Service

Many patients go online to study online reviews before making a medical decision. If they find negative reviews, they won’t be very likely to visit the orthodontist that is the subject of the reviews. Orthodontists who use online review tracking can find any bad reviews and respond to complaints.

The power of review monitoring

Not very long ago, patients shared their experiences of receiving medical treatment with their friends and family. These days, they post their opinions directly to the Internet where millions of people can see them out of context.

Healthcare providers now have the same power when they use online review monitoring. Tracking down these reviews to see what kind of reputation they project is essential for running a successful orthodontist practice. The review monitoring software from Top Review Tracking searches major review websites like Google+, YP.com and CitySearch to find reviews. It then collects information about the reviews and stores the content of the review in a user account.

Users can log in at any time to find out what their patients are saying about their practice. This gives orthodontists and other medical professionals a chance to respond to bad reviews and to identify areas of their practice that could be improved.

This service also offers:

Constant updates. New reviews appear all the time. That’s why the monitoring software detects new reviews as they appear and posts them to the user dashboard.

Improved communication. Medical professionals deserve a chance to reach out to their patients. By studying online reviews, they can discover what they need to talk about.

Dedicated support. This software has been designed for ease of use but if any technical questions arise, our support staff is here to help.

Buttom 02To learn more about our orthodontist review monitoring service or to sign up for a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking today.