5 Proven Reputation Management Strategies for Your Business

Reputation Management

After working so hard for years to build up your brand and a steady customer base, it can be disconcerting to suddenly not be able to garner any new business. While you continue to supply premium service and your existing clientele is happy with your company, you discover some negative feedback online. Whether positive or not, reviews are a direct reflection of your skill, quality and reliability as a business. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising study, 66% of customers around the world rely on online reviews when they make buying decisions. This is where effective reputation management is vital to your success.

It should be a marketing priority to develop a 5-star internet reputation. Consumers desire information that helps them feel certain that they are making appropriate, well-informed purchases. This typically comes from online reviews of customers.

Take note of these 5 actions in protecting, building and developing your online reputation:

  • Encourage your customers to post reviews about their buying experiences and for them to be as specific as they can.
  • Get reviews from a wide variety of sources, including blog posts, review sites like Yelp or Google+ and social media forums.
  • The better your ratings, the better off you will be. Try to secure those 5-star ratings from satisfied customers.
  • A constant stream of new, favorable reviews is looked upon positively by search engines so keep them coming.
  • Develop a scheme to gain as many reviews as you can. A business can be proven with consistency.

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