Advantages of an Online Review Tracking System

Your business success is directly related to how your company is perceived by the public. If the general opinion is that you are an ok business, you will have fewer customers than if your company is recognized as being great at what you do. Therefore, it is imperative to know how your business is viewed. This is easily attainable when you utilize a state-of-the-art online review tracking system that is available 24/7.

Dissatisfaction with your company can stem from many causes, including:

  • an unhappy customer or employee
  • a competitor
  • a neighboring business
  • a staff member who did not leave on good terms, etc.

These frustrated individuals may express their displeasure on your website review page, in a blog or on social media, aside from word-of-mouth. Sometimes the problem is justified and sometimes it is not. Both situations can lead to tremendous damage to your reputation if not handled quickly. Benefits of a review tracking system cover the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.


Knowing who left an online review is crucial for being able to respond. Review tracking systems help you identify the person who left you a review so you can either

  • 1) remedy a negative situation, or
  • 2) thank your customer for their positive comments.


Knowing what is begin said can help you instantly fix any issues as they arise, helping to put out a fire before it spreads. It can also help you identify what is working well. Learn from what is being mentioned in online reviews and be responsive.


Review tracking systems offer real-time alerts, notifying you when a new review is left for your business online. Real-time alerts are critical to your ability to respond or react in a timely fashion. Letting a negative review go unnoticed could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, from losing potential new customers who see the negative review before you have the chance to turn it around.


Our review tracking system will monitor all major sources of online reviews, from Facebook to Yelp, Google and more, letting you know where your new review was left. Rather than spending time searching for the platform or website where a review was left, we will tell you exactly where you can find it.


How do you respond to online reviews? Sometimes this can be a difficult task, especially if handling the sensitive response to a negative review. Our team can offer you many different, but professional, ways you can respond to online reviews, helping you to keep your business in the most positive light possible.

The knowledgeable Top Review Tracking team offers a way to know how your company is viewed online. Sign up today for a free trial of our review tracking system and see for yourself how simple it can be. We know you can reap the benefits when using this convenient dashboard.


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