Attorney and Lawyer Reputation Management & Review Monitoring

Attorneys and Lawyers know that they can build a good reputation by working hard for their clients. These days, the reputation of lawyers often exists online in the form of reviews posted by past clients.

Lawyers and attorneys depend on their reputations to run a successful law practice. In fact, most potential new clients will study these reviews before even picking up the phone to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney. Finding all of these reviews one by one can create an accurate picture of a law firm’s reputation but this process takes a great deal of time. Our reputation management and review monitoring service makes it easy to manage your law firms reputation. We help attorneys and lawyers obtain more positive reviews, reduce negative feedback and increase the consumers trust of your firm.  The attorney and lawyer reputation management & review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking automates this process and collects online reviews in a flash.

Attorney and Lawyer Review Monitoring Service

It’s important for law firms to be aware of what past clients are saying about them online. Negative reviews can drive away new clients and make the firm appear to be unreliable. Good reviews can point out techniques that are working well for a law firm. The problem is that, when clients post reviews to many different websites like Avvo, Yellow Pages and Google+, it can be nearly impossible to track them all down.

Top Review Tracking uses state-of-the-art software to collect reviews from all of these websites so that they can be viewed in one location.

Analyzing these reviews gives lawyers and attorneys extra opportunities to communicate with clients to resolve issues before they get out of hand. This will create a better online reputation and can help with attracting new clients.

Managing Lawyers’ Reputations With Review Tracking

Top Review Tracking helps attorneys and law firms develop better communication with clients while enhancing lawyer reputations online. Our unique service offers:

One-stop review analysis. It’s no longer necessary to search through dozens of websites to find a few reviews. Top Review Tracking provides a user dashboard that displays all relevant reviews in one location, along with information about where and when the reviews were posted.

Automatic updates. New reviews being posted? Top Review Tracking will send registered users automatic email notifications when new reviews are posted and the user dashboard is updated daily to reflect the most recent reviews as they appear online.

Experience and professionalism. Top Review Tracking works with businesses of all kinds. This means that our services to be custom-tailored to the specific needs of any client.

Buttom 02For questions or to register for the attorney and lawyer reputation management and review monitoring service, contact Top Review Tracking today.