Auto Repair Shop Reputation Management & Review Monitoring Service

These days, people do their shopping online long before they step into an actual store.

Whether it’s on a smart phone, tablet or laptop, people will seek out customer reviews to help them decide where to spend their money. These reviews can effect the online reputation of a business. The first step to discovering the online reputation of a repair shop is to use an auto repair shop reputation management and review monitoring service.

Auto Repair Shop Review Monitoring Service

It’s possible to search the web, click by click, to find all of the reviews associated with a particular repair shop but that takes a huge amount of time. It’s much faster and more efficient to use review monitoring software from Top Review Tracking.

What Is Review Tracking?

Review tracking is the process of collecting online reviews about a business from all over the Internet. The software finds reviews and collects them into one location.

Top Review Tracking puts this powerful software into the hands of auto repair shop owners so that they can study their online reviews. This software allows business owners to:

Reach out to their customers. Customer reviews are a powerful tool because they can point out areas for improvement. A customer left a bad review about a headlight replacement? Now the repair shop can contact that customer and invite them back for a new repair.

Focus on the business. Review tracking software allows businesses to keep their focus where it belongs: on their customers. In minutes, this software can collect and display dozens of reviews in a format that’s easy to review and analyze.

Stay ahead of the competition. When customers have a choice, they will go with the repair shop that makes the greatest effort. An auto repair shop that addresses the complaints of unhappy customers and focuses on the positive aspects mentioned by satisfied customers in online reviews can quickly outpace competing body shops.

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The auto repair shop review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking provides auto shops the edge they need to pull ahead of the competition and to turn first-time customers into lifelong patrons.