Auto Dealer Reputation Management & Review Monitoring Service

Any business with an online presence will experience both good and bad reviews.

These reviews can have a powerful impact on the reputation of a business. Becoming aware of these reviews is crucial to long-term success and growth. The auto dealer reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking provides up-to-date information about online reviews for business owners in the automotive field.

Customer reviews can actually be beneficial for a business in several ways. They may point to areas of a business plan that need improvement. They can highlight sales techniques that lead to high customer satisfaction. However, in order for these insights to be useful, every review must be closely examined.

Automotive Review Monitoring Service

Top Review Tracking provides a detailed, comprehensive solution to the problem of finding reviews online. Customers have the ability to leave reviews on a large number of different sites that have no affiliation with the business they are reviewing. For example, if a customer was unsatisfied with a window repair job they received at a local body shop, they can leave a negative review on a major automotive website. Without a review monitoring service, a local auto body repair shop may never find this review or even know it exists. They may never get the chance to please the unhappy customer.

The Review Monitoring Process

The Top Review Tracking software crawls the web, seeking out any reviews that are associated with a particular business. All of those reviews, good and bad, are collected and can be reviewed by logging into a Top Review Tracking account.

These reviews can then be viewed to determine when they were written, how the customer rated their experience and where the reviews are located online. The tracking software has access to dozens of websites, including major automotive websites like and

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In the automotive industry, the customer comes first. Business owners can make sure that their customers can be heard by using the automotive review monitoring service provided by Top Review Tracking.