Banks and Credit Union Reputation Management & Review Monitoring

Bank and Credit Union Clients often use websites like Yellow Pages, Google +, and Insider Pages to post reviews about their banking experience.

Good reviews can attract new clients and promote a great online reputation.

Unfortunately, bad reviews may drive away new potential customers and make banks and credit unions look bad. The first step to creating an attractive online reputation is to study these reviews. The banks and credit union reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking makes this step fast and simple by automating the entire process.

Banks and Credit Union Review Monitoring Service

Advantages of Bank and Credit Union Review Tracking

The review monitoring and reputation management software from Top Review Tracking is designed to help business owners establish a great reputation online by analyzing reviews, communicate with customers and focus on client satisfaction. The software quickly and efficiently searches major review websites to collect reviews and important information about where and when the reviews were posted. The content of the reviews and this information can then be displayed on the user dashboard for an instantaneous picture of a bank or credit union’s online reputation.

Keeping tabs on reviews used to mean spending hours sifting through reviews left on dozens of websites. Top Review Tracking completely automates this task so that the managers and staff at banks and credit unions can keep their focus where it belong: on their clients.

Customized software solutions. Our review tracking software displays information that can be sorted according to the user’s preferences. Users can identify where reviews are being posted to learn more about their client’s banking experiences. All of this means that Top Review Tracking puts an emphasis on the information delivered by the monitoring software so that users can get the solution that works best for them.

Updates and notifications for constant reputation analysis. When new reviews are posted, Top Review Tracking will email the user with all the important information. The user dashboard is updated daily to deliver the most accurate picture of a bank’s online reputation whenever the user logs into their account.

New tools for client satisfaction. Studying review reports in the dashboard can give management ideas on how to improve customer service and attract new clients. Clients can be very detailed in their reviews, creating a new opportunity for businesses to respond to new client expectations.

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