Car Body Shop Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

Online reviews are a great way for a car body shop to develop and maintain a reputation online. Good reviews and five-star ratings can lead to repeat business and new customers.

Bad reviews can have the opposite effect. Customers who leave bad reviews may actually encourage potential customers to take their business to a competing body shop. The car body shop reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking puts business owners in control of their online reputations.

Car Body Shop Review Monitoring Service

The review tracking software searches major review websites like and Dealer Finder to collect online reviews. Top Review Tracking users can then log in to their online dashboards to see all of the reviews about their car body shop business. The reviews can be sorted according to the website where they were posted for easier analysis. In this way, body shop managers can get an instantaneous snapshot of their online reputation.

Put the power of review tracking to work

A huge number of people rely on online reviews as part of their shopping process. There are multiple websites that exist for customers to compare their experiences at different automotive businesses. Review tracking can determine if these reviews are helping or hurting a business.

The car body shop review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking is designed to help business owners get the most out of their online presence. Some of the advantages of this service include:

Fast and efficient review gathering. The review tracking software automatically searches major review websites to collect online reviews. It’s no longer necessary to click through websites one by one to find out what customers are saying about a business. All of the reviews can be viewed in detail in the user dashboard.

Constant updates. Reviews can pop up online in the blink of an eye. Without this review monitoring service, it would be nearly impossible to find each new review as it appears. Top Review Tracking users will be notified by email when new reviews appear and the user dashboard is updated daily to account for any new reviews.

Ease of use. Top Review Tracking has worked with many businesses and our software is designed for simplicity. Users don’t need to be computer experts for the software to quickly and efficiently seek out and collect online reviews. The reviews can be viewed and sorted for fast and simple analysis.

Buttom 02To learn more about the car body shop reputation management and review monitoring service, contact Top Review Tracking today.