Chain Restaurant Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

Websites such as Urban Spoon, Zagat, and Foursquare are filled with detailed reviews written by customers.

The problems is that there’s simply too many reviews to search though one at a time. So how can restaurant managers find out what their customers are saying online? By using the chain restaurant reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking.

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How does review tracking work?

Simply put, review tracking is the process of finding, collecting and analyzing online customer reviews. Top Review Tracking has custom-designed software that does just that but in a way that is much faster and more efficient than searching through major review websites one by one. This software can automatically find review about a chain restaurant and upload those reviews to a dashboard. The dashboard can then be viewed by the chain restaurant manager whenever he or she wants to know more about the online reputation of the restaurant.

It’s never been easier for restaurant managers to find out what they need to do to meet their customers’ expectations.

Top Review Tracking designed this software to meet and exceed the needs of restaurant managers and owners. Not only does it collect online reviews automatically and display them in a convenient format, it also gives restaurant managers the opportunity to start a dialog with their customers.

With the chain restaurant review tracking & monitoring service from Top Review Tracking, users can expect:

Review monitoring for multiple locations. Own or manage more than one chain restaurant? No problem. Top Review Tracking has got it covered. The review monitoring software can find and display reviews based on multiple store locations so that managers can find out what customers think about the dining experience at several stores.

Around-the-clock updates. It pays to be informed and Top Review Tracking automatically sends email notifications when new reviews are posted online. The dashboard is updated daily to include new reviews.

Improved customer experience. When customers have a complaint, Top Review Tracking allows managers to identify and correct the issues mentioned by unhappy customers.

Buttom 02For questions or to sign up for the chain restaurant reputation management and review monitoring service, contact Top Review Tracking today.