Combat a Poor Business Image with Reputation Management

shutterstock_385351282The reputation of your business is likely telling in your sales. A good rep equals good sales and a poor one equals not so brisk sales. Dealing with a less than favorable company image is crucial to reverse damage that has been done. You must be willing to make some change and address individual customer situations to rectify problems. Reputation management is an important part of business success.

There are 6 steps that you should take to elevate your company’s image:

  • Determine what happened to bring your reputation down. Is it poor service, less than standard products, unpleasant employees or computer issues?
  • Decide the most critical changes that should be made as soon as possible and announce them. Customers will want to know what strategies you have implemented to improve.
  • Know that customer perception – rightly or wrongly – is everything. Overcoming negative views requires that you deal directly with customers. Make certain that they have a positive experience with future orders.
  • Volunteering within your community is a tremendous way to raise your company’s reputation. Sponsor a ball team or donate to a cause.
  • Ask for customers’ opinions about your company via surveys. Offering incentives increases the chances that customers will complete and turn in surveys.
  • Train and retrain your employees on the best ways to handle customers – especially unhappy ones, with understanding and tact.

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