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On 12/14/2018, Review By-
"My fiancee bought a used car about a year ago, and when it rained the floor bed on the drivers side would be wet. Then summer came and it dried up. Now going back into winter and with our most recent freeze there was ice on the inside of the windshield and when I looked at the outside of the windshield the gasket was bubbled up. I called Joe's Glass Co. and they got me in an hour later to evalute the situation. They saved my windshield, replaced the sealing around my windshield, had me in & out in an hour, and all for a great price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves GREAT customer service and quality work done!..."
On 12/14/2018, Review By-
"Sam was awesome!..."
On 12/14/2018, Review By-
"A complaint of the shoddy work Joe’s Glass in Everett, WA did 9/2018 on my 1991 pristine Class C Toyota RV. My insurance company through Safelite referred me to Joe's Glass to have a cracked windshield replaced. Joe, owner of the business, says that he assisted with the job & it was done right! This is how it really was done: -Damage to paint due to belt buckle, keys or some tool placed in someone's pocket SCRAPED & GOUGED the paints & graphics on both front fenders. Joe denies anyone of his people scratched the RV. Those scratches were not there prior to them working on it. Simple protection pad laid on RV would have prevented this. -Windshield & trim was NOT properly installed & verified by Safelite with THEIR inspection & photos. Top trim was rippled, side trims were bowed so bad you could see through them & windshield placed too low. -Safelite agreed the whole windshield & trim needed to be replaced again & was done by another company, Associated Glass, Snohomish, WA. -To be fair, Joe did offer to look at the vehicle & repair any wrong doing. However, with his aggressive behavior on the phone & insisting the repair was done right, I didn't want him touching my RV. Insurance company understood & agreed. Joe’s Glass obviously does not care about customer’s vehicles & it is NOT a Professional place. Never will I recommend Joe's Glass. Sorry that the Photos won’t post..."