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06/18/19 Review By-

The Comfort level that I needed was fulfilled here. I felt like I was walking into a spa environment. Very peaceful very calming. When I got my blood taken it was so relaxing so assuring and just really a loving environment. Doctor blow is understanding and listens to all the needs that I have. Appointments are more of a therapeutic session for my health & Body. Which is exactly what I needed. There's no 15 20 or 30 minute appointments here. They are at least an hour long and the care provided is top notch.

05/20/19 Review By-

Always a pleasant greeting when I walk in. Dr. Blow takes the time to listen & provides realistic advice and treatment options.

04/03/19 Review By-

Very helpful, and personable! Dr. Blow makes me feel safe and secure, someone I can really trust. She has helped me more than any other doctor, I have seen and felt real life results! I even managed to get pregnant after her help just getting myself back to a healthy balanced point physically! When we meet, it is obvious she really cares about her patients. She takes the time to emotionally check in with me as well, encompassing my health and well-being from a whole spectrum standpoint. Thank you Dr. Blow! Always grateful.

03/30/19 Review By-

I've been going to Mcquinn Naturopathic for about 2 years. I've been seen by several staff members and everyone is exceptional. I recently got transferred to Dr.Blow and she was very welcoming and she came up with a game plan to her my health in order. I feel very taken care of whole at Mcquinn Naturopathic, I will never go to a Western Medical center unless I absolutely have to. The difference in care is astounding

03/29/19 Review By-

Dr. Blow has been amazing! I have endometriosis and went to several doctors who only wanted to put me on birth control or give me a hysterectomy. Dr. Blow has worked with me for the last year, and I have seen huge improvements with natural remedies and supplements. She makes you feel like she truly cares about your health and wants to help you to the best of her abilities. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.