Contractor Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

It can take years for a contractor to develop a good reputation with customers.

Unfortunately, good reviews can be easily counteracted with negative reviews. These days, the majority of customers will post their reviews, whether good or bad, on a website. Keeping track of these online reviews is the best way for contractors to learn about and protect their reputations. Top Review Tracking provides a powerful contractor reputation management and review monitoring service that makes the job of finding reviews quick and simple.

Contractor Review Monitoring Service

The Top Review Tracking Process

The contractor review tracking service searches all kinds of website for reviews related to a particular contractor. These reviews are then collected and organized into an easily understandable format at the Top Review Tracking website.

Contractors can then log in to review all of this information in just a few minutes. Compared to scouring the web click by click, the Top Review Tracking process is a huge time-saver.

Whether the reviews are posted on CitySearch, Yelp or Google+, the Top Review Tracking software can find them all. The results can then be organized based on the location of the review and the content of the review can be displayed. Contractors can find out when the reviews were left and can take the opportunity the contract the review writer. This allows business owners to address any bad reviews while thanking clients for positive reviews received.

The tracking software we provide discovers new reviews as they are posted and notifies our clients in real-time. Contractors can use this feature to contact review posters as soon as reviews appear.

Our unique system notifies clients by email or by logging into their Top Review Tracking account. Either way, this allows bad reviews to be addressed before they spread across the Internet.

Buttom 02One bad review can strongly affect a reputation that took years to create. The contractor reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking can help contractors fight for their good reputation one review at a time.