Do I need a review tracking system?

Your business is established, both in person and online. You have customers. You are doing well financially. That’s it, right? Wrong. You can grow your company even more by taking advantage of the use of a review tracking system.

Do I need a review tracking system?

Since more than 80% of consumers look for and read online reviews – and take them seriously – it is crucial for you to know what is being said about your company online, whether through social media outlets, blog posts or review sites. You know that not every customer is a happy one. Sometimes, they strike out online. This can adversely affect the reputation of your business and you may not only lose customers you have but gain no new ones. Potential revenue is lost and your success dwindles.

A review tracking system is highly convenient in that it brings all online reviews to one single dashboard for your perusal. This can save a great deal of time as searching each individual site can take hours and hours. The tracking software is simple to use and you can easily respond to both positive and negative reviews quickly. Rapid response to less than favorable comments can improve your online reputation and maybe even retain a customer who was unhappy with your product or service.

The tracking system covers large sites like Facebook, Google and Yelp, as well as smaller ones. Comments on review sites specific to your industry are included.

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