Do You Have A Car Dealership? Talk With Us About Reputation Management!

Do You Have A Car Dealership? Talk With Us About Reputation Management!

Auto dealership owners know they have a lot of competition. With online sales skyrocketing and competing with dealers in and out of state, there is only so much you can do to boost business. There is one way, though, that you may not have considered before. As part of your marketing campaign, strive to get as many reviews as you can. These reviews can have a significant impact on your traffic. Reputation management for your car dealership is critical for elevating your rankings in local searches and can be a deciding factor in whether potential customers shop with you or a competitor.

How Does It All Work?

Always ask your customers to rate your dealership after they buy a car from you. Not everyone will write a review but the more favorable reviews you have, the better. Here’s how to make it easier:

  • Understand that you will not get all 5-star ratings. This is okay, as prospective customers are more likely to believe the accuracy of the reviews if they are not all perfect.
  • The process should be simple. Having several ways for clients to post reviews is more convenient for them.
  • Write a response to all reviews, whether they are favorable or not.
  • Make reviews part of your sales procedure.
  • All your customers will share their experiences at your dealership. Why not make it online in addition to person-to-person? You will reach more people in less time.

Top Review Tracking is equipped to help with reputation management for car dealerships with an advanced yet easy-to-operate automated reputation management system. You will have the capability to generate reviews on hundreds of websites quickly and almost effortlessly. Click here for your free trial or call us at (877) 281-1370.

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