Hospital Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

Online reviews are becoming increasingly popular and they’re not just for resturants and coffee shops anymore.

Patients who receive medical treatment at local hospitals may leave reviews about the doctors and nurses who treated them or about the hospital itself. Other patients may find these reviews online and use the information they contain to make future healthcare decisions. Finding out what these reviews say is possible with the hospital reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking.

Hospital Review Monitoring Service

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers do their best to help their patients. By reading reviews posted online by those patients, these professionals can gain valuable insights. These reviews can provide clues to what patients really think after a visit to the hospital. This information can be used to adjust care practices to improve the experience of patients when they are receiving treatment.

Improving patient care with review tracking

Keeping track of online reviews can help hospitals provide better care but this process can be time-consuming. Finding and making notes about reviews that are posted on a multitude of different sites is a hassle for which doctors and nurses just don’t have time.

That’s where the hospital review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking comes in. This powerful software has been custom-designed to pinpoint reviews located on major review websites. The software then records the reviews and posts the information to a user dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed at anytime simply by logging into a Top Review Tracking account.

The dashboard is updated daily to display any new reviews that have been posted. With these features, hospital staff will never miss a review and will never have to go hunting for reviews again.

Improve patient care. Patients want to be heard and they may be more honest in an online review than they are in person. The information in these reviews can be used by hospitals to focus on the needs of patients.

Save time. It’s no secret that doctors, nurses and hospital staff are always busy. Using the Top Review Tracking service can save time and improve efficiency when analyzing online reviews.

Improve online reputations. This software allows hospital staff to reach out to patients who may feel that they received less than stellar care. An opportunity to make things right with patients can make a huge difference to the online reputation of a hospital.

Buttom 02To find out more about how hospitals can improve the experience of their patients with a hospital reputation management and review monitoring service, contact Top Review Tracking.