Hospitality Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

No matter how hard a hospitality business owner tries to satisfy customers, someone may eventually leave a bad review about the business online.

When people are planning a vacation or a getaway, they may see this negative post and decide to use another hospitality business. With the hospitality reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking, business owners can address any negative online reviews before they are viewed by potential customers.

Hospitality Review Monitoring Service

How Does Review Tracking Work?

The review tracking software from Top Review Tracking allows users to view all of their online reviews in one convenient location. Combing through any websites where reviews are posted until all of the relevant reviews are found. Our software then posts these reviews to the user dashboard at the Top Review Tracking website, along with important information about where and when the review was posted.

With the hospitality review tracking service, users can have instant access to a complete picture of their online reputation.

Users can:

Monitor multiple review websites. Customers don’t always leave reviews in the same location. The Top Review Tracking review monitoring service scans dozens of websites to find every single review.

Get automatic updates. Top Review Tracking users will receive automatic email notifications whenever new reviews are posted so that they can reply right away. Additionally, the user dashboard is updated daily with any new reviews that have been posted online.

Manage their online reputation. Top Review Tracking users can reach out to unhappy customers to offer them compensation or attempt to fix any problems. Satisfied customers can be encouraged to return again and thanked for their kind words.

Buttom 02The online reputation of a business can change in an instant. The hospitality reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking provides hospitality business owners with the tools the need to immediately take control of their online reputation.