Hotel Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

Hotels frequently attract a huge number of online reviews. Guests who say in these establishments tend to leave very detailed reviews about all aspects of their hotel experience.

 While good reviews can lead to an increase in reservations, bad reviews may steer guests to other hotels. Hotel managers can learn a lot by reading these online reviews and finding out what their guests are saying.

Hotel Review Monitoring Service

The hotel reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking can display all of the reviews for a hotel in one convenient location. It’s no longer necessary to spend hours searching through review websites or to keep refreshing webpages to find new reviews. The Top Review Tracking software detects and saves these reviews to a user dashboard that can be accessed at any time by users.

Improving hotel reputations with online review monitoring

The best feature or review monitoring is the ability to improve the reputation of a business online. Although it can be discouraging when guests leave negative reviews, these posts actually provide a great opportunity for hotels to improve their image. A guest who mentions a particular aspect of their hotel experience, like room service or cleanliness, is giving hotel management a guide on how to improve the hotel’s reputation. By fixing issues as they appear, hotel owners and managers can work proactively to improve the experiences of their guests.

With review monitoring from Top Review Tracking, hotel managers and owners can expect:

Constant access to reviews. The user dashboard is accessible 24/7 and updated daily to showcase any new reviews that have been posted. Additionally, new reviews that are discovered by the monitoring software will trigger email notifications that are instantly sent to users to point out the new reviews.

Simplicity and efficiency. The Top Review Tracking software is simple and easy to use. Managers can simply set up an account and let us do the rest.

The latest reputation information. Hotel guests may be more honest online than they are in person. By reading the latest reviews posted by guests, hotel managers can get an accurate picture of their online reputation.

Buttom 02To learn more about the hotel reputation management and review monitoring service or to set up a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking today!