How Review Trackers can Help Your Social Media Presence

review trackers

Business promotion is a multi-million dollar industry but how do you know exactly what will work for your company and how do you maintain a favorable reputation to continue to operate in the black? Employing reputable review trackers is one way and following the rules and regulations on various social media sites like Facebook is another.

Locating Facebook’s Community Standards and Terms of Service pages can give you a great deal of information on what you can and should not do with the social media platform, as well as how FB can aid you as a business owner.

Closely read the “Safety” page. Illicit activities on your part or that of a user are not permitted. Online bullying, providing false information and violating the law or someone’s rights will lead to expulsion from the site.

You are free to post whatever you like on your Facebook pages but know that the site can also do whatever it wants with your posts, as well. You can post customer reviews on your Facebook page but be sure to get your customer’s consent, let him know that your company owns that information and not FB and make the customer aware of your privacy policy.

Specific privacy questions about Facebook in particular, and social media in general, should be directed to your company attorney to ensure that you are in compliance with social media regulations. To take advantage of the expertise of professional marketers and review trackers, contact Top Review Tracking. Sign up for a complimentary 30-day free trial.

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