Monitoring Your Social Media Presence Using Review Trackers

Promotion for businesses happens to be a multi-million dollar industry, but how will you know exactly what might work best for your own company? How can you maintain a reputation that is favorable to continue operations in a positive light? Employing the use of reputable review trackers is a good way – and following all the rules and regulations for various social media platforms like Facebook happens to be another.

Where to Begin

Locating the Community Standards and Terms of Service within Facebook’s pages can provide you with a vast amount of information on anything that you can and should never do with this social media platform, as well as how Facebook can aid you as a business owner.

It is essential that you closely read through the “Safety” page. Any illicit actions on your part or that of a user is never permitted. Online bullying, putting out false info, and violating certain laws or someone’s rights will lead to expulsion from the social media site.

You are free to post whatever you wish on your Facebook pages, but also know that the social media site can also do whatever it wishes with your posts, as well. You can put up customer reviews on your Facebook page – just be sure to get your customer’s consent first. Let them know that your company owns that information and not Facebook, and make the customer is fully aware of your privacy policy.

Specific privacy questions about Facebook, in particular, and social media in general, should be directed to your company attorney to ensure that you comply with social media regulations.

What Can Reviews Do?

Reviews have the ability to boost brand trust as well as consumer knowledge. Therefore, people will be a lot more likely to browse your pages and eventually become customers if they like what they see. Additionally, reviews left on your pages (including social media) will give you even more valuable keywords. Each time that a customer leaves their words, there is fresh, new content that Google is able to crawl.

What Are They Saying?

Anyone can put up a website, but what are you doing to monitor everything being said about your products or services? In order to have brand advocacy, you need to monitor reviews. Customers love to leave feedback about businesses, good or bad. You have the ability to boost the search results of your brand by having positive reviews that span multiple platforms.

Handling online reviews and how you manage feedback may be easier than you think. Contact Top Review Tracking today at (877) 281-1370 to see how our review trackers can help!

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