Moving Company Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

More people than ever before are turning to online reviews before they make a decision about which moving company to use.

There are huge numbers of reviews being posted on the Internet every day and they can appear on multiple major review websites. How is a busy moving company manager supposed to keep track of all of this information? The moving company reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking is the answer.

Moving Company Review Monitoring Service

Lots of business owners and managers know that online reviews can seriously impact the reputation of their business. However, finding and responding to every review may seem like an impossible task. Top Review Tracking designed the review monitoring service to simplify this task by fully automating each step of the process. Now, users can simply log in to an account to start reading what clients and customers are saying about them online.

Taking control with online reputation management & review tracking

It’s true that potential clients and customers can form an opinion about a moving business simply by reading reviews posted on websites. It’s also true that business owners can do something about this trend by keeping track of these reviews.

Knowing what customers are saying is the first step to protecting the reputation of a business. Reviews can point out areas that need improvement as well as techniques that are working well. It’s never been more important to stay on top of online client reviews.

With Top Review Tracking, users get:

Instant access to reviews. Clicking through review websites one by one and hunting for reviews is a thing of the past. Get instant access to all online reviews posted to major review websites simply by logging into an account.

Customized review reports. Top Review Tracking users have access to a personal user dashboard that displays important information about reviews that the monitoring software has collected. This information can be sorted according to the date of posting and the location of the review. This makes reviews analysis fast and efficient.

Instant updates. Whenever a new review is posted online, the user will receive an email notification in their inbox. Additionally, the user dashboard is updated daily with any new reviews that have been posted.

Buttom 02To find out more about the moving company reputation management and review monitoring service we provide, or to check out a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking today.