Nail Salon and Spa Reputation Management Review Monitoring Service

Customers are the most important part of a nail salon or spa business and often leave online reviews.

These reviews are one of the best ways for nail salon owners to find out what customers think of their business. Wondering why some customers return repeatedly and some only visit once? It’s possible to find out by monitoring online reviews. The nail salon and spa reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking streamlines this process with the power of customized software.

Nail Salon and Spa Review Monitoring Service

Using reputation management and review monitoring tools to improve a businesses

When it’s done by hand, review monitoring is a tough chore. Reviews for a particular nail salon or spa may be posted on over a dozen different websites including Google+, Yahoo Local, CitySearch and Finding all of these reviews one at a time and then revisiting all of those websites to check for new reviews simply takes too much time.

That’s where the power of review monitoring tools comes into play. Top Review Tracking has designed the nail salon and spa reputation management and review monitoring service to fully automate the process of finding and studying online reviews. This software finds and records these reviews, even if they’re posted on several different websites. All of the information is then stored in the user dashboard area of a Top Review Tracking user’s account. This means that a nail salon manager can simply login into his or her account whenever it is most convenient.

The review information is updated daily and automated email alerts are sent whenever a new review is detected. Review monitoring is the best way to find out what customers are saying and it’s now easier than ever.

With Top Review Tracking, nail salon owners and managers can:

  • Stay informed. Sometimes customers and clients are more honest online than they are in person. Find out what they really think by reading online reviews.
  • Learn what works. Do multiple reviews praise customer service, a particular employee or a particular product? That information can be used to enhance areas of a business that are driving good reviews.
  • Attract new clients and customers. When people read positive reviews, they’re more likely to consider the business or service that the review is focused on. This positive association can bring in new customers and inspire current customers to stop in more frequently.

Buttom 02To learn how the nail salon and spa reputation management and review monitoring service we offer can improve a business or to sign up for a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking today.