Online Reputation Management Is Easy With TRT

Online Reputation Management Is Easy With TRT

Ease of access to computers and mobile devices has drastically changed the way that consumers are buying services and products. While there is still a place for word-of-mouth advertising, most individuals rely on the internet to get information about a particular company. Here is precisely where the importance of online reputation management comes into play.

Every type of business, from restaurants to plumbers to insurance companies, needs to know what their customers are saying about them. Their reviews are more valuable than you may have thought. A single negative comment can turn away at least 30 potential customers. Although brand awareness is a crucial part of your marketing plan, studies have shown that consumers read online reviews 90% of the time and make their purchasing decisions based on what they see online about your business.

To catch the eye of consumers and maintain your current customer base, you must have a structured social media campaign that is always current and has a definitive call-to-action for people to reach you. It is essential that your website is mobile-friendly or responsive to ensure that viewers on all devices can find you and access your information quickly. Responding in real time to reviews on review sites like Yelp! will allow you to take full ownership of anything mentioned about you and develop a strong customer base that is loyal to your company.

For information on how to engage in a robust online reputation management program that is affordable, easy to use and conveniently packaged in a single online dashboard, contact the experts at Top Review Tracking. Set up a free 30-day trial to see for yourself how beneficial this program can be.


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