Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon Reputation Management and Review Monitoring Service

Patient reviews posted on the internet can seriously affect the reputation of plastic surgeon providers.

Even one bad review out of 100 has the potential to push away new patients or make current patients consider finding another practice. To find out how they’re being reviewed online, plastic surgeons can use the plastic-cosmetic surgeon reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking.

Plastic Surgeon Review Monitoring Service

This software solution finds reviews posted on major review websites like Google+ and Vitals, records information about the reviews and then posts the content of the reviews to a dashboard. This means that users can log in at any time to view the reviews and study their online reputation. Lots of good reviews indicate a strong reputation. Even a couple bad reviews can pose a problem but the Top Review Tracking software gives users the opportunity to reach out to dissatisfied patients and make things right.

Why use a review monitoring service?

It’s possible to search out and find reviews by clicking through websites. However, this involves hours, if not days, of work. Spending hours clicking through one website after another and continually refreshing web pages to catch any new reviews is difficult and time-consuming. Using the power of customized software is a much more efficient solution.

The plastic-cosmetic surgeon reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking gives medical professionals the freedom to focus on their patients while leaving the busy work up to the software. With minimal effort, plastic surgeons can gain substantial benefits by discovering what their patients like and dislike about their service.

This information allows plastic surgeons to give patients the experience that they’ve been looking for without even needing to ask.

Top Review Tracking offers:

  • Ease of use. This software wouldn’t be so powerful and convenient if it took extra technical know-how to operate. The user dashboard is simple and streamlined for maximum efficiency.
  • Communication with patients. The dashboard provides multiple options for reaching out to patients as well as links that lead directly to the review on the website where it is posted.
  • Quick updates. When new reviews are posted online, the software instantly sends users an email notification so that they can respond to reviews immediately.

Buttom 02To find out more about our plastic-cosmetic surgeon reputation management and review monitoring service or to get a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking today.