Protect Your Business with Reputation Management Strategies

Protect Your Business with Reputation Management Strategies

When you provide exceptional service and your present customers are happy with you, why is it that your business is faltering? The unfortunate answer is that you likely have some negative feedback posted about you and your company online. Reputation management is a critical component of continued business success.

Online opinions about your company reflect your value, expertise and trustworthiness no matter what type of business you operate. Well more than half of consumers trust online reviews prior to making a purchase.

There are 5 specific points to ponder about protecting your reputation on the web:

  1. Real reviews are important. Encourage customers to post a review about their experience.
  2. Cultivate reviews on a wide range of online review platforms. Different users will be looking for you in different ways, and in different places online.
  3. Ensure that you have recent reviews at all times. Studies have shown that having reviews more than one month old and not considered to be relevant by consumers.
  4. Make certain that you have as many reviews as you can, as they prove consistent proof of your company’s worth. The more reviews you have, the more likely they are to be trusted by consumers.
  5. The better your reviews, the higher your status. Of course, one or two negative reviews will generally not kill a sale, but the more positive the better.

Building your reputation with reviews is one of the most powerful marketing steps that you can take and must be included in your overall marketing campaign. Your investment in this area will clearly demonstrate more profit from satisfied customers.

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