Reputation Management for Roofing Companies

Roofer Online Reputation ManagementRunning a roofing company is a challenging, yet rewarding, business. However, there are so many tasks to complete each day that it often seems overwhelming. You certainly do not have the extra time to look online to see what others are saying about your business. This is why you need professional reputation management for roofing companies to monitor and maintain your online reputation to build clientele and increase sales.

As your company continues to grow, more customers will review your business online. It is important to control what is said and what others will find. A recent study found that 88% of customers look at reviews online to see how a company is perceived and 72% of consumers utilize that information when seeing a favorable review. If your reputation is not high, then you are losing business.

There are many locations on the web where individuals can review your company. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • Google – Google searches are extremely popular. Setting up a Google Alert about your company will allow you to be notified when information is published about your business.
  • Social Media – Forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more make it easy to post reviews.
  • Review Sites – Angie’s List and Yelp! may have reviews about you.

Note that how you respond to these comments is just as important as seeing what’s out there. No response is still a response. Commenting on every review, positive and negative, gives the impression that you care what others think about your business. An atmosphere of trust is created, and potential customers respond favorably to that.

For help in developing effective reputation management for roofing companies, contact Top Review Tracking for a free trial.

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