Respond to Online Reviews

Respond to Online Reviews

It is a fact of modern life that people who are searching for a business to perform a service or a product to meet their needs often start that search by going online.

By simply adding a few keywords in their favorite search engine, a person is rewarded with pages of results that include business that specialize in that service or offer that product. In addition, these searches will also often return results that include reviews of any businesses that meet the above criteria as well.

All reviews of a business should be addressed.

Good reviews, of course, are pretty easy to approach. A simple yet hearty acknowledgement of the positive review helps build rapport and encourages customers to tell their friends and family about the interaction. Negative reviews, on the other hand, are not as easy to address.

When it comes to the inevitable negative review, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective way to deal with it. Using the review as a basis to reach out and address the person’s concerns is a great way to acknowledge the issue and take responsibility.

After a business opens itself up to the comments of its customers, it can go about addressing them.

In general, most negative reviews fall into three categories: people-related, product-related or service-related. If the reviewer is upset about an experience with an employee, the company can implement a range of solutions.

These include stronger training materials to firing the employee, if the infraction warrants it. Product or service related experiences that fail to deliver as promised give a company the opportunity to take that negative feedback and make the product or service even better.

Top Review Tracking provides businesses the software necessary in order to monitor and respond to reviews throughout the internet.

Instead of having to search for feedback that people may be posting about your company on 100’s of websites consistently.

We deliver the reviews directly to you, and immediately as they are posted.

For more information on how Top Review Tracking can help you monitor and respond to online reviews throughout the internet, contact us today.