Small Businesses Can Benefit From Reputation Tracking As Well

Review Tracking softwareThe primary focus of many small businesses is to make sales happen and keep the cash flow going from month to month. This is critical during startup and while waiting for additional growth or investment to occur. However, the attention-focus just on the dollars can often blind a small business to what’s happening with its customers’ sentiment online, often damaging potential new business prospects before they happen. With use of a proper review tracking software, you can track comments on all major sites effectively.

There is no question that an online reputation of a business is mattering more and more, especially for growing companies. All it takes is one bad comment or criticism on a social media site to deep-six a small company’s ability to leverage new customers in the same area, at least among those who read the social media commentary.

With a reputation tracking approach online, a small business can spot and deal with the commentary damage before it sets in and causes a large number of prospective customers to run away. This can be done by:

  1. Isolating the comment and poster and finding out what the real problem is.
  2. Offering to fix the problem and potentially creating a new impression that gets posted online about how the business made right.
  3. Stopping the rumor or bad information from growing bigger and bigger with correct, factual information.

Keep in mind, however, reputation tracking is not about getting into a posting war with a disgruntled customer. It’s about showing readers and the general public that a bad comment is an isolated matter that shouldn’t be ignored, and that you care for your customer’s complete satisfaction.

Contact Top Review Tracking for a demo on our Review Tracking software that can help your business reputation online today. Our business is to help your business.


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