Tour Operator Reputation Management & Review Monitoring Service

When people want to take a trip, they check online reviews to find the best tour operator available.

They may browse websites like Google+ and Trip Advisor for online reviews to help their search. These reviews can present a huge advantage for tour operators if they are positive. If they’re negative, however, they may drive away new clients and project a bad reputation. The tour operator¬†reputation management and review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking can help tour operators find out what their reputation looks like.

Tour Operator Review Monitoring Service

Most tour operator reviews appear on large travel review aggregation websites. Searching through these websites to find individual reviews could take hours or even days. Even if all the relevant reviews were found, the websites would have to be monitored daily to find new reviews as they appear. The review monitoring service from Top Review Tracking takes all the work out of this process by automating everything.

Advantages of review tracking

The reputation of a tour operator business doesn’t have to be left up to chance. A review monitoring service like the one offered by Top Review Tracking can give business owners the chance to respond to reviews as they appear. This can be a huge advantage because making things right with dissatisfied customers can be a huge boost to the reputation of a business.

Top Review Tracking users can expect:

  • Regular updates. The Top Review Tracking software sends email notifications whenever new reviews are posted on the Internet. The user dashboard is updated daily to show any new reviews. Respond to reviews as they appear with immediate updates.
  • Dedicated support. The review monitoring software is designed for simplicity but if any question pop up, our trained support staff can handle it.
  • Client communication. The software provides links to reviews when they are posted so that users are only one click away from communicating with clients.

Buttom 02To find out more about our tour operator reputation management and review monitoring service or to request a free trial, contact Top Review Tracking.