Track Online Reviews to Boost Your Business

Track Online Reviews to Boost Your BusinessWhen you track online reviews of your business, you can learn a great deal about what customers feel about you and whether they will return. There are generally 3 review categories that commentary falls into and they include:

  • Personally written comments by customers on a website, review site or blog. Comments may be brief or lengthy and detail their satisfaction or unhappiness with your service or product.
  • Many sites have a built-in rating system where you can give a certain number of stars or points to express your opinion.
  • An interactive rating is one where a person can comment on another review.

Consumers often give reviews when they are either very happy or quite unhappy with a company. Middle-of-the-road comments are less frequent.

Here are a few additional statistics that bear note:

  • Online research is conducted by more than 90% of individuals prior to making an expenditure.
  • Buying decisions are influenced by online reviews in more than 80% of cases.
  • Review accuracy is trusted by over 70% of consumers.

What this all means is that favorable reviews increase revenue and more potential customers. Negative reviews cause a drop in sales and give your business a less than favorable reputation.

Top Review Tracking has convenient computer programming to track online reviews to make certain that your business is competitive in your particular industry. Negative comments are quickly addressed. This increases your veracity and leads to satisfied consumers and elevated revenue. Sign up for a free trial to learn just how beneficial our service can be t0 you.

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