Why it’s Difficult to Get Good Reviews for Businesses

reputations management There are a number of factors which come into play as a business attempts to collect good reviews online, making reputations management somewhat difficult.

Not only is a small percentage of the American population actually inclined to leave online reviews for a company, but the review sites that are used by this population must also be considered.

Of all the people that a business deals with on a daily basis, a mere 7.75% who have a positive experience may actually be review writers online (though this is not to say that all 7% will always write a review).

Because a whopping 80% of new customers will seek out company reviews from other customers online before you are contacted, the odds are not in a business’ favor.

It is even more damaging to a reputation if the review writer has received poor service and chooses to leave a negative review. It is for this reason that businesses who truly seek to have a quality reputation must ensure that each customer receives quality service each and every time.

Of additional consideration is the fact that reviews left by consumers must be shared on sites that are popularly seen or used by potential customers before they shop. Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor are three of the most popularly utilized sites when it comes to reviews for a business.

Based on 3rd Party Research

reputations management

This means that not only are reviews, positive or negative, going to be left on major sites for a business, but they are also going to be seen by mass audiences, as these sites are often used to learn more about a business. So, while a business may have a great review on YellowPages.com, the negative reviews left on Google or Facebook can have a greater impact on their business.

Review monitoring service is perhaps one of the easiest ways to not only improve your business reputation, but to make reputations management easier for your company. The ability to see reviews on major review sites as they are posted, and respond to those reviews can put any business ahead of the game.

While getting good reviews for a business can be difficult, it is certainly not impossible and even a few positive reviews can do wonders for a company.

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