Why Reputation Management is Important and How It Relates to 5-Star Ratings

Why Reputation Management is Important and How It Relates to 5-Star Ratings

No matter what industry your business is in, you should pay close attention to what others are saying about your company online. Reputation management is a valuable and important aspect of your overall marketing campaign that should not be overlooked. If consumers are led to trust your business, they are more likely to seek you out for the goods and/or services that you offer.

To gain their trust, you need positive internet reviews, and the higher your reviews are, the higher you will be ranked on Google. This means it will be more likely that consumers see you and the favorable reviews customers have written or rated. If a potential customer has a choice between several companies, and there is one with more 5-star reviews, studies show that they will pick the one with the 5-star reviews over others who may have only 3, 4 or an occasional 5. More stars equal more revenue. Who can argue with that?

You will experience a higher conversion rate when your business has high star ratings. It is actually even better to have mostly 5-star ratings with a smattering of 3s and 4s to give validity to your business. After all, no one is perfect.

When you receive low star rankings, and you probably will take the opportunity to really listen to the customer. They may have a real complaint and this is a chance to improve your business and your relationship with the customer if you handle it in the right way.

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