Why You Should Track Online Reviews of Your Company

There are a number of quite valid reasons that you should hire a professional to track online reviews of your business. Reviewers generally fall into 3 categories:

Track Online Reviews

  • Rating system. A reviewer notes the number of stars he feels denotes the type of service (or product) received.
  • Written comments. An individual writes about his experience, sometimes briefly and often in great detail (particularly if displeased).
  • Interaction. A person can rate someone else’s review to comment on its accuracy.

Consumers tend to offer a review when they are exceptionally happy or markedly disappointed with a product or service. There is little middle ground in this situation.

It is interesting to note these statistics, as well:

  • More than 90% of consumers conduct online research before spending money.
  • In excess of 80% consider online reviews important in their purchasing decision.
  • Over 70% of consumers trust the accuracy of online reviews.

What do all these statistics mean for your company, in particular? Positive reviews bring more revenue and an increased number of potential clients. Negative reviews encourage viewers to go elsewhere for their purchases and to look at your business in a poor light.

Top Review Tracking has convenient and thorough computer programming available to track online reviews to ensure that your business remains competitive within your specific industry. Negative commentary is addressed quickly and sincerely and every effort is made to re-establish favorable vibes with unhappy customers. This increases your credibility and results in both satisfied consumers and increased revenue for you. Sign up for a free trial today!

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