With Our Dashboard, It’s Easy For You to Track Online Reviews

track online reviewsIt is easier than ever before to know what customers are saying about you and your business. When you track online reviews of your company, there is a wealth of information that you can learn about what your customers want from you and the best ways to accomplish that goal. Comments usually are evident in 3 categories:

  • Personal comments may be posted on a blog, specially designated review site or other website. All opinions are possible in short phrases or long, detailed articles. Reviews may be favorable or derogatory.
  • A rating system may be included within a website where a consumer is asked to rate a service or product that was purchased.
  • When one person comments on someone else’s review it is known as an interactive rating.

Consumers give reviews equally often whether they are either satisfied or dissatisfied with a company. Average comments are not as common.

Review statistics include:

  • Almost 100% of online buyers conduct research before making a purchase from the web.
  • Online reviews influence in excess of 80% of purchasing decisions.
  • More than 70% of consumers trust the accuracy of reviews.

What we can take away from this is that good reviews increase business. Unfavorable reviews decrease sales and foster a more negative reputation.

Top Review Tracking offers a convenient way to track online reviews to remain competitive in your specific industry. Less than favorable comments can be addressed quickly to elevate your trustworthiness and increase revenue. Sign up for a free trial of our review program to learn how advantageous our services can be.

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